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Queen of the World History

The Queen of the World Pageant started in 1989. Founder  Mr. Erich Reindl from Austria has placed Queen of the World among the three biggest international beauty pageants in the world. He successfully staged his events with ernormous international media response and audience acceptance in many different countries.

- 1988      First Queen of the World Event - Maritim Hotel Immendorfer Strand, Germany

- 1989      Kurhaus Baden Baden, Germany

- 1990      Kurhaus Baden Baden, Germany

- 1991       Kurhaus Baden Baden, Germany

- 1992      Austria Center, Vienna -  Awarded with the "Beauty Queen Oscar", Austria

- 1993      cancelled by host country

- 1994      Red Army Theatre, Moscow, Russia " Live TV broadcasting at Red Square"

- 1995      Kurhaus Baden Baden, Germany

- 1996      Kurhaus Baden Baden, Germany

- 1997      Kurhaus Baden Baden, Germany

- 1998      Hotel Maritim, Bonn, Germany

- 1999      cancelled by host country

- 2000    Queen of the World in the Sky - First beauty pageant in the world held  on a chartered  Condor airplane
- 2001     International Boat Fair "BOOT" , Duesseldorf, Germany

- 2002    International Boat Fair "BOOT" , Duesseldorf, Germany

- 2003    International Boat Fair "BOOT" , Duesseldorf, Germany

- 2004    Hotel Bayerischer Hof, Munich, Germany

- 2005    cancelled by host country 

- 2006    Concress Center, Mozartsaal, Mannheim, Germany

- 2007    Trofana Royal, Hotel, Ski Resort Ischgl, Austria

- 2008    Pardorama Ski Rsort Ischgl, Austria

- 2009    Estrel Convention Center, Berlin, Germany

- 2010     NUERBURGRING, Formular 1 - Center, Germany

- 2011      Audi-Car-Center, Berlin, Germany

Founder Mister Erich Reindl passed away 2016.  May he Rest in Peace.


Mister William A. Balser (Mr. Reindl´s Partner, Friend and National Director Germany) will  relaunch the  Queen of the World pageant in 2021. Together with his Partners Mr. Zijad Junuzovic and Gert Count of Schwerin  he will carry on
the legacy of Queen of the World. And of cause the spirit of Queen of the World which is to contribute to a better

understanding of all nations by shoving the beauty and variety off all ethnic groups and representatives of the  participatin countries.  


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